New York Marathon Fundraising For Multiple Myeloma Foundation

As many of you know, I am running the New York Marathon on November 6, 2022. As the training gets harder, I always like to focus on running for a cause or for those who can’t. For the New York Marathon, I am raising money for a cause that is very important to me and my family, the Multiple Myeloma Foundation.

Ten years ago, my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. As shocking and challenging as it has been, she has been amazingly strong and positive even when she had to go in the hospital by herself to receive a stem cell transplant in 2020. The transplant was successful, she is feeling great, and she is back to her very full social calendar, traveling, and of course, quilting! 

If you would like to support me as I fundraise, you can sponsor a mile, a bridge, a park or a borough, and I will think of you as I am suffering my way through them! Multiple people can sponsor the same mile; the more the merrier since it is all for a good cause.

How to Sponsor A Mile:

1) Choose your mile, bridge, park, or borrough.

2) Send me a text, email, or message to let me know which mile you would like to sponsor and I will add your name. Remember, multiple people can sponsor the same mile. I will update this page and Facebook as the miles are sponsored.

3) You can Venmo your donation to me: @Jennifer-Gilstrap-9 or mail a check if you prefer.


New York City Marathon

November 6, 2022  

Mile 1 Buy A Bridge $50 (Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge) 

Lisa and Steven Becker

Beth Lindley

Mile 2 Buy A Bridge $50 (Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge) 

Joelle Soliz 

Mile 3 Buy A Burough $100 (Brooklyn)

Noel Ortiz 

Mile 4 $25

Pam Pickering 

Mile 5 $25

Paul and Stacey Frederiksen

Mile 6 $25

Paul and Stacey Frederiksen

Mile 7 $25

Paige Baler

Mile 8 $25

Mae Manocchio 

Mile 9 $25

 Leslie Dyerly

Mile 10 $25

Randy Lange

Mile 11 $25

Eric Littell 

Mile 12 $25


Mile 13 $25

Jeannine Raymond

Jo Ann Krause 

Mile 14 Buy A Bridge $50 (Pulaski Bridge)

Deanna Owens 

Mile 15 Buy a Borough $100 ( Queens)

Jenna Price 

Mile 16 Buy A Bridge $50 (Queensboro Bridge)

 Julie Johnson

Mile 17 Buy A Borough $100 (Manhattan)

Ranee and Greg Norton 

Mile 18 $25

Yvette Cano

Mile 19 Buy A Bridge $50 (Willis Avenue Bridge)

Kim and Paul Headrick 

Mile 20 Buy a Borough $100 (Bronx)


Mile 21 Buy A Bridge $50 (Madison Avenue Bridge)

Amy Kroll 

Mile 22 Buy A Borough $100 (Harlem)

The Brunos 

Mile 23  $25

Noel Ortiz 

Mile 24 $25

Helen Shields 

Mile 25 Buy A Park $200 (Central Park)

Jana Snow 

Mile 26.2 FINISH LINE $260


Michael Butterfield

Additional Donors:

Katie Bator

Christine and Jim Stringer

Judy Mitchell